Trade And international Business

Technology in International Trade And Business

The Technology Program in International Trade and Business has the purpose of training internationalization and entrepreneurship in the framework of international trade. Bearing in mind that the activity of international commerce and business is developed by strengthening two variables; the commercial and foreign policy, which generates the scenario for the development of international transactions, and the real sector, which materializes these policies through the exchange of goods and services, also sustains its relevance in the increase of foreign trade operations that are They have generated in the country and have been strengthened through the processes of economic integration.

Why study International Trade and Business in UNINPAHU?

For the possibilities of carrying out international academic activities. The program is distinguished from the others by the training of leaders capable of taking on significant personal and professional challenges, able to perform competently and responsibly in international trade and business and their understanding of commercial policy and multiculturalism, which allows you to implement market and financial operations in the global community.

Our graduates possess the necessary and sufficient skills and abilities to perform ideally in the technical assistance of foreign trade processes, logistics development of export and import operations, support in customs processes, exchange and the successful conduct of international business, in which they apply Values such as equity, freedom, and democracy.

UNINPAHU has strategic alliances with companies and recognized companies in the sector that guarantee the development of practices and allow students to approach the labor market and strengthen the learning process.